Buy a Horse

Kindred Farm takes in equines that appear to have the potential to be rehomed with rehab and training.  We only intervene when horses are in immediate threat and do not take horses in on consignment or other people’s horses to be re-homed from the farm. A pre-purchase vet exam is always recommended.  We will make available all vet records, xrays (if any) and any history we have or any knowledge of health/behaviour issues.  Our policy is 100% disclosure.  Our priority is appropriate re-homing.

Some are not available while in assessment or re-hab and others are only available for on-site lease.  Those that are for sale must go to approved homes with a contract.  If you are interested in one of our equines, you can avail yourself of a one month free on-site trial.  Should you purchase an equine, and decide within 1 month that it is not suitable, you can return it to me….but I will not be able to refund your money since it has already been spent on the other equines.   Should you decide even further down the road, for whatever reason, that you can no longer keep this horse or pony, please contact me prior to taking any other action.  I may be in a position, to take it back…regardless of length of time owned.

If you don’t find anything suitable straight away, please visit the site regularly.  A good fit is the most important criteria.  And please note, we will not sell any of our equines to homes where there is not a good fit, nor for breeding stock.

I am also very keen to find some foster homes or long-term lease homes, with an option to purchase at any point during the lease.  References required as well as a signed contract.  Please inquire if this might be of interest to you.

If you would like to find the perfect horse or pony to meet your needs, get more information, apply to rehome any of our horses on this site, please contact Tanya.  Horses are priced relative to their true market value, and prices increase  as their training progresses.  If you can’t rehome, please consider sponsoring our program, donating, or volunteering.