Success Stories

Kindred is home to so many incredible, inspirational stories. Our individual horses stories, how our volunteers came to find us, our success stories and those stories that are heartbreaking, but need to be told.  We’re proud,  honored and humbled to be affiliated with so many generous kindred souls.

Thank you so much to our horse sponsors, our vet (Ottawa Valley Large Animal Clinic), our farrier (Pat’s Farrier Service), and all those that donate their time, from their pocket book or via donated items.  And of course, by giving us morale support and being cheerleaders for our cause.  It means the world to us, and of course, to the horses, who thank you for the gift of life.

We will be sharing more stories of hope, recognizing contributions and celebrating success on this page in the coming days, weeks and months.  In the meantime, we leave you with these inspirational stories:


How Red found me!



“I was topping up the mares’ water trough, and through the pinned ears and swishing tails was a little red face looking at me. We locked eyes and as I put out my hand, she started to walk towards me. After a few nips and some flicking tails, she pushed her way through the other horses and stood in front of me.   She stayed with me, soaked in the scratches I offered while the water trough filled, unfazed when all the other horses took off for a run! She then followed me into the little red barn, where I brushed her all over and picked up her feet! I could tell she had not had much training done with her, but she stood ever so quietly! She just wanted to please and be loved! After a walk around the property, and some grass-eating of course, I knew that this brave little mare found her human!”

Ashley, KFR Volunteer



I knew MC was it!


“My reaction the first time I saw the photo of MC in the feedlot was, “wow!”. He was stunning, underweight for sure, but gorgeous. I wasn’t looking for a horse of my own but I was secretly hoping that he might end up at Kindred Farm and that I’d get a chance to meet him.

A few weeks later, Tanya mentioned that a new horse was arriving– turns out, it was MC! I was shocked when he arrived. The photo I had seen didn’t truly capture how bad a state he was actually in – very underweight, as well as very depressed and with some obvious medical issues. Tanya mentioned that he might not make it and may have to be put down. I immediately put my guard up and kept him at a distance.  A few weeks passed and things started looking up for MC. Another volunteer began working with him a few days a week, and then one day Tanya suggested that I try him out. He was anxious to tack up, he pawed and danced around and wouldn’t stand still. In the arena, he refused to go near the mounting block which made getting on a bit of a challenge. Despite these issues, he really tried his best to do what was asked of him. I continued to work with him and we got better together every session. I’ll never forget one of our first rides alone when the snow began to fall off the arena roof. There was a loud bang followed by the snow sliding down the coverall and landing with a thud outside. This horse didn’t even flinch. One of the other volunteers poked her head in the arena to make sure we were okay and she couldn’t believe how calm he was. I continued to ride him more and more throughout the winter – either in the arena, or taking him out on hacks through the snow, even taking him for a few winter gallops in the fields.

In terms of potential new homes, I couldn’t understand why nobody was coming out to see this horse, he was the ideal horse for an amateur like me. He was the perfect mix of challenging but level-headed, green but very smart. Then, I began to wonder whether or not I could actually buy this horse. I love every single horse I work with, so to my family and friends, this was no different than any other time in my 20 years of riding when I wondered whether, ‘maybe this is the one’. The only difference this time, is that I stopped wondering if “maybe” he was the one…I knew he was it. After working with him for 9 months, I finally took the plunge and purchased him in July, 2015. He is staying at Kindred so that I can continue to work with the other horses in addition to continuing the next chapter in our own partnership.”

Gemma, KFR Volunteer


I just felt connected to Bentley!

Simcoe - aka Bentley...couldn't be loved more

“One day, while in the little red barn at Kindred Farm, I ran into a very sweet, skinny, quiet and scared little black and white pony. There had been a new shipment of horses from the feedlot that day and we were in the barn to feed and water them.

I could not take my eyes off this little guy. I just felt, connected to him. If you’ve ever owned an animal, you understand this feeling. I had chosen him before I even knew I was in the market for buying a horse.  A few days went by and I couldn’t stop thinking about him, so I asked Tanya all of the information on him. Of course, he was perfect. I had seen him once, in a stall, just out of the feedlot, and I fell in love.  So I told her I wanted him.

The past two years that I have owned him, he has been the absolute best friend, companion and partner. He has helped me learn and grow has a horsewoman, rider and human.  We went from very basic walk trot and canter, to jumping fences, going off property to trail rides and hunter paces: everywhere he is an absolute rockstar. Everyday he shows up and gives me 110%.

I am forever grateful for the opportunity that Tanya gave to this pony, because I am so much better off with him in my life. Bentley has turned out to be the most beautiful, reliable, goofy and loving horse any horse owner could ask for.”

 Jenna, Horse Owner