Sponsor or Foster an Equine


Sponsor one of your favourite rescued horses or ponies.  For a donation of just $150.00 per month, you can cover the basic needs of a horse or pony.  Come out and see our fine equines and pick our your favourite.  In return, you will get regular updates and much gratitude and appreciation from the farm, and of course, your special equine friend.  Please contact Tanya for further information in this regard.


Until our horses find permanent homes, temporary foster homes can be next best thing. It is also a good way to get to know a horse intimately, in the event you are thinking about a more permanent relationship.

Ensuring that our horses are safe and well cared for is a priority.  If you are interested in fostering, we ask that you :

  • Have appropriate knowledge, experience and a safe stabling and let out facility for the horse.
  • Provide references from a vet and farrier, and/or other sources.
  • Have liability insurance.
  • Are financially able and willing to provide ongoing farrier, vet and other medical care.
  • Market the horse for sale to the best of your ability and ensure that any buyer meets the same requirements set out for you as a foster home. (sample sales contract available). KF would of course be involved in this process.

If you can provide a good, temporary home for a horse until a permanent one is found, we’d love to hear from you and will gladly discuss these and other requirements.  E-mail : kindredfarm@xplornet.com